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A fun, loving and safe environment for you and your pet.

It’s hard to leave your pets with someone you don’t know. We’re pet owners too, so we know that struggle.


Your pets quickly become a member of our family which means we provide the utmost and attentive care for them, that you, as pet owners, desire.


At Cathy’s, we value your trust and promise to always keep your dogs best interest in mind as we strive to create a fun and safe environment for all of our guests – four or two legged!


We operate under the balanced training methodology because we believe that a happy pet is a pet that clearly understands good and bad behaviors, and the rewards and consequences associated.

In short, when Fido is behaving well, he receives a positive reinforcement. For example, more playtime with his favorite toy, praise, pats on the head or another tasty treat.


When Fido is not behaving well or doing something that could lead to trouble, he’ll get a correction like a deep, grumbling “growl” or a quick “bonk” to remind him that whatever bad behavior he’s doing, won’t be tolerated. Dogs respond well to touch and sound, more so then they would a verbal command like "stop that" or "no. Dogs only understand the meaning of words that you have provided for them. So unless the words you are using are accompanied with a firm voice or correction, you'll end up getting a result that isn't always what you want.


For example, a dog that is playing too aggressively (ganging up on another dog, pestering, excessive barking, etc.) in the doggie daycare yard becomes a safety hazard to himself, the other dogs and our staff. In a high distraction environment, it is imperative for our staff to get his attention before the situation escalates. 


Curious about the balance training methodology? You can find plenty of resources with a quick Internet search or checking out the following trainers:

  • Cesar Milan

  • Larry Krohns

  • Sean O’Sheas

  • Denise Mcleods

  • Konrad Most

  • Steven R Lindsey


If you have any questions about this or need local trainer recommendations please feel free to ask the next time you visit us – we’re happy to help!

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